About Us

VietAnh.ME is a mobile website that offers a wide range of game genres, applications exclusively for mobile phones operating systems Java, Android, iOs, Window phone … completely free when downloading. From a 2G, 3G, or Wifi network connection, users can search for a game or application by using the toolbar at the bottom of the website.

Each game category in VietAnh.ME has an easy-to-see interface – very compact when accessed by mobile, from where users can know the information about games and apps they need to download such as: Models support, views, game titles, short descriptions, icons and helpful quick download buttons.
Quick download button helps users quickly select the appropriate installer for the model, from the installer will have information on the operating system, version, and similar models …

In addition, when you have questions that need support about the application, any game in an article of VietAnh.ME will receive enthusiastic support from the Admin by the comments section. Here you only need to fill in the name, email, and enter the content to respond to, comment on the article easily.
In addition, the General News column also shares tips on the phone, how to play online games well, and countless games and app experiences before launch. The goal that VietAnh.ME is going to is to expand the interesting categories in the future, not only mobile games but also PC games or other interesting categories with the support of users.